Choreography Portfolio

Le Temps I II III IV [Winter Spring Summer Autumn], commissioned for Dance Affair 2018
I was there, commissioned for Dance Academy USA 2018
be free bird, commissioned for Dance Academy USA 2018
Light Your World, commissioned for RCDC, NDSJ 2018
42nd St. the Musical – Choreographer, Director S. Kane, NDSJ 2018

Re:Re:Rosas [A. DeKeersmaeker, 1988] adaptation NDSJ 2017
Seriously.Human commissioned for RCDC, NDSJ 2017
Lost Files I II III commissioned for Dance Affair 2017
A Little Princess the Musical – Choreographer, Director S. Kane, NDSJ 2017
fVaRuAxI (unreleased), Tahira, 2017

Ashkenazi: A Jew(el) of Germany, commissioned for Dance Affair 2016
Assurayu: A S(y)rious Journey, commissioned for Dance Affair 2016
Almania: A New Home in Deutschland, commissioned for Dance Affair 2016 
Sound of Music the Musical – Choreographer, Director S. Kane, NDSJ 2016 

in-can-ta-tion, commissioned for RCDC + LiVDanceCo 2015
Manhattan Suite I II III [A Classic, Never Forget, Always Remember], commissioned for Dance Affair 2015
Peter Pan the Musical – Choreographer, Director S. Kane, NDSJ 2015

Circle of Life, commissioned for Dance Affair 2014

Hopeless Wanderer, commissioned for Dance Affair 2013
Ekhah (unreleased), Tahira, 2013
Wizard of Oz the Musical – Choreographer, Director D. McCaw, NDSJ 2013

Illuminance, Tahira, 2012
Waterworks, commissioned for Dance Affair 2012

Chapters of a Fluid Thought, Tahira full length, 2011
Human: Art Alive Gallery, commissioned work by Trina Merry for SubZEROFestival 2011
iknowhytheCagedBirdsings, commissioned for Dance Affair 2011

Let Her Be: Pluie Pure: Pure Rain, Tahira, 2010
Motherless Child, commissioned for Dance Affair 2010
Ode to Jiri: Tahira, 2010

Bang Bang:Smiling Dolls commissioned for Dance Affair 2009
Fragrance: The Viole(n)t Shed, Tahira full length, 2009

Rusty Patina Rewritten, a commissioned work for Winter Dance Concert 2007, at CalArts
inside out: a translation, Spring Dance Concert 2007, performed at REDCAT and CalArts

after the [November] rain 2006 CalArts
un[Sacred] 2006 CalArts
She Remembered, ‘and forgot to breathe’ 2006 CalArts

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