Life Coaching

life coaching

LIFE COACHING for real people embracing their path to freedom, healing and wholeness.

Me? A Life Coach?

For years now, I have not held a word for this thing that I am so passionate about. Educator, Encouraging, Adviser, Director… whatever. Those were definitely characteristics and/or job titles, but I could never clarify my real vocation. Teaching the past 10 years, I’m well acquainted with the question, “What do you teach?” And as a dance teacher versed in arts education, and a person shuttering at perceived prejudice, my response more often was “ I teach life.” As much as my sarcasm preceded that statement, I truly meant those words. I use art, to teach life. My most important purpose is to mobilize individuals to pursue their passions wholeheartedly, following their paths wherever they would lead them. As much as I love teaching (and would consider it a strong tool in my tool belt) I find greater joy in assisting the development of an individual, shaping their perspectives toward reaching their goals and destiny. Life coaching best describes what I already see myself doing. It’s not so much that I am pursuing this path, but that life coaching has been pursuing me.


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