photo courtesy of Michael Hari 2018

I m a n i . T a h i r a
Artist Educator Advocate 

It started in a dream…
After studying dance technique and choreography, performing in both the contemporary and prophetic worlds of dance, starting a performance company, writing curriculum for arts education and pedagogy, it all came down to this… T²co. Assuming the 2 was short for “second time around,” it wasn’t until late 2018, that the vision became clear.
Tahira: Pure (in) power… empower…
this is the mission.

ᴛ ᴀ ʜ ɪ ʀ ᴀ

This is something new…
Determined to find an existing model to compare this new direction, I was left with no paved path. This vision interjects the classic modalities of creative arts training with the passion pursuit of self actualization and career development. This umbrella focuses on the artist as a whole person, in constant stages of growth and transcendence.

T²co is split up into various pathways of learning. Each pathway can be pursued sequentially or simultaneously depending on individual goals.


Pursue awakening of self through the catharsis of movement

This pathway is linked to T²co’s Dance for ALL method, incorporating somatic and improvisational movement to unleash freedom within the body, mind and spirit.


Desire enlightenment into the world of dance and other art forms

This pathway is for individuals with little to no experience with dance (physically), but inspired to learn theory, history, and contextual knowledge of dance and other art forms, and is directly linked to arts appreciation.


Seeking training and development toward a career in the arts

This pathway is for individuals seeking to train physically in various techniques of dance, in order to expand their capacity of movement and creativity.


Guided pioneer path of creativity for craft design and production

This pathway is a 1:1 mentoring fellowship, purposed to equip and mobilize artists to create with clear vision and ambition.

photo courtesy of fimandnoises, 2017

This is is more than just dance.
This is about breaking barriers:
physically, mentally and spiritually.

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