this is not goodbye…

more like H E L L O …

the last 10 Tahira Years.

Taking the plunge.

If you haven’t heard already,
Imani Tahira is relocating to Europe… indefinitely.

The past 10 years have produced a litany of creative events…


Tahira: The Pure Dance Theatre unofficially birthed in Southern California, began taking form here in the Bay early 2009.

From dancing in warehouse scaffolds in Fragrance: The Viole(n)t Thought (2009) to collaborating with body paint artist, Trina Merry for SubZero Festival (2011), dancing proscenium in front of a still and seated audience or burning our feet dancing site specific on concrete, we had a crazy creative time together. Imani Tahira taught longest at the Dance Affair. It is only fitting that we go out where it all began. Some favorites include contemporary pieces like Circle of Life (2014): an adapted medley of the Lion King, or Never Forget (2015): a saga in before//during//after progression, honoring those lost in the 9/11 tragedy…
even the last collection, Le Temps: Winter//Spring//Summer//Autumn (2018), we’ve seen and created in many seasons… more consistently we’ve learned that seasons change…
And just as the caterpillar must respect its season of transformation, it will not transcend until it emerges from that cocoon. This butterfly is getting ready to fly!

Ne Vale La Pena

it’s worth it…

Come celebrate together.

This is a progressive!

3-5 : Tahira Technique Dance Class
5-6 : Showcase and Nostalgia Cypher
6-7 : “Ne Vale La Pena” – The Story (+ food)
7-10+ : let’s DANCE (silent disco)

Bonus: Pop-Up Shop… KonMari status, help Imani clear her things!

💸 Donations are welcome!
🙏🏾 Support is even better!

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